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Devorah Bry



Hakomi Therapist, Couples Counselor, Group Facilitation in service of Soulfulness, Relationship, and Community.


dev has been working therapeutically and facilitating groups and rites of passages for 20+ years. she received an ordination from the IM School of Healing Arts in 2004 and then a masters degree in Somatic Psychology in 2007. she is a Certified Hakomi Therapist and has years of study and practice in a variety of body-oriented healing modalities, including Somatic Experiencing and Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

dev enjoys the potency that lives in the center and the views that can be accessed at the edges. 

a solo mama, a death doula, a sex therapist, a forever student, assisting couples+ in the dance of relationship is one of dev’s greatest gifts and deepest passions.

dev is also the founder and director of HoneyRoot -- a somatic education organization in service of inclusive embodiment, relationships, social justice and intergenerational community.


​at essence, dev is a dancer, a bridger, a ceremonialist.  she is a certified Soul Motion™ teacher and offers movement ministry (with her child) wherever she goes.




Thank you, Dev. You have such an amazing ability to hold space in a way that affords all of us to go deeper into the Mystery and our Connection to Life.
-Terrilyn A. Chance


I’m divinely grateful for you, Dev–strong spirit woman in my life. You show me embodiment and offer me flow. when I see you I am reminded of my wholeness and sacredness as a woman- allowing and embracing all that I am and continually opening and growing within the all-possible. 



Each time I work with Dev I leave with the comforting sensation of inhabiting a part of my body that was empty before, and a new abiity to hold and love the parts of myself that are coming home. 

-Jess EskelsonCMT


Thank you, Dev. You give of yourself so fully and beautifully. I unfold in your presence so easily. You model what it means to express truth, to be witnessed and held, and to support the heart’s calling.


Devorah’s work is profound. She has a very professional, yet relaxed and unique style. She holds Space. There is an unmistakable sense of trust in her eyes and in her voice; she knows how to bring “real” to the room. I am extremely grateful to have met Devorah and look forward to continuing to work with her. 

-Matt Oberg


Dev is a warrior shamaness in her ability to navigate, guide, and integrate our inner wisdoms. Her work helps free the Soul from previously imposed limitations, as she knows that Our Spirit truly begins by re-embodying our Primal Nature, our Feminine & Masculine aspects, our Communal Wisdom.

-Amanda Mahni


Being with her is like a mental and emotional massage. Dev’s facilitation in the explorations of the tight or hidden parts of ourselves is gentle yet forward moving. She creates a safe environment to find our own way through and encourages us to move towards whatever we may be experiencing with compassion. 

-Liza Bender

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