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Moving from the Center offers:

• Mindfulness-based body-oriented therapy

• Freedom from self limiting beliefs and patterns​

• Online and in-home courses for couples

• Workshops for individuals and couples

• Retreats and movement classes​

Foundational Principles of My Work


As most of us have come to discover in our own ways, our culture is deep in the process of an exciting transformation toward a healthier balance of the Feminine and Masculine aspects of life.  After centuries of imbalance, we are now fully engaged in a shift back towards body-wisdom, heart-oriented community, multi-generational learning and collaborative creation.  From my point of view, we are being inexorably pulled by this powerful new current toward the ocean of intuition (whole-body listening) and relaxation (Being).  


These are our times. Many of us hear the call and are eagerly swimming down stream. Some of us may feel disoriented by the new emotional landscape unfurling in us and around us. It is not always obvious how to adapt to this shift.  I, as one among many, am dedicated to making more of the how-to’s available to anyone who is interested in learning.  This way, this emerging engagement with life, is not a solo journey. It is one we walk together, one that requires collaboration. 
Of this I am sure.


Our individuality is certainly still important, as the more we are connected to our own roots, our own centers, the stronger our collaborations can be.  Reclaiming our individuality and independence was a vital step to get us to where we are, but this is not the end goal of our work.  We must, once again, find each other (as we are doing!), be in body together, play and pray together, regularly.  
For this move, our relationships are key.


I am committed to serving as guide and mentor in this exciting transformation of our culture.  I am committed to welcoming and making space for the wisdom that moves through each of us. Through HoneyRoot and other projects I'm a part of, I have the honor of coming together with many.  With the best of our collective abilities we create environments, forms, structures, experiences, rituals, and schools to help propel and embody this coming transformation in ways that are aligned with natural law.  


I want to learn from you, and I want the world to benefit from what you, as body, know from the inside out. 


I look forward to working with you as individuals, couples,
or groups, to enliven your sense of self, and your sense
of belonging.



Rev. Devorah Bry, MA, CHT


What You Can Expect


My approach is grounded in mindfulness and body-based practice. My way of working, however, is quite eclectic, as I adapt and attend to the unique needs and particular style of learning best suited to each individual, couple, or group.  


Together we commit to your soul's path-- to live fully, to learn deeply, to love well.  


My approach is fun, direct, highly refined and deeply compassionate-- I am a very useful ally in the embodiment, personal expression, and relationship arenas.  



• I bring compassionate, empathic, playful engagement with what is happening now, as nothing can move forward without first identifying and offering love to what is actually occurring now.


• I see.  I validate. I render the mysterious evident in compassionate, loving, playful ways. Together we peel back veils, revealing self and or culturally-created obstacles. 


• I translate challenge into opportunity—easily, tangibly. Almost every challenge in life is an invitation (from who you are becoming) to move toward your greatest potential.


• Together, we pay attention to the language of your body—its shapes, breath, movements, and blockages.  We create a loving environment for whatever presents itself, the good, the bad, the tender, the ugly. We follow the aliveness.  We allow the process to unfold.  


I'm available in person in Yarmouth, ME office AND via Zoom/Skype from wherever you are.

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