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The Dance of Relationship

In order to make our relationships living, breathing works of art, we must have the skills to transforming what we consider "impossible" passages into greater intimacy.  


Healthy relationships are key in creating deeply satisfying lives.  We all know this--and yet, now and again, proper support from a skilled facilitator is just what is needed to release old patterns and to move our relationships to the next level.  


Authenticity, Honesty, and Personal Responsibility are keys to feeling safe and secure in relationship.  I am here to help your relationship move, more genuinely, in this direction.  have supported hundreds in transforming "impossible" passages into greater intimacy.  


My approach is mindfulness-based and body-oriented and incorporates Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing, Bioenergetics, and all I have drawn from my years of facination with Feminine/Masculine dynamics.


My couples work is rooted in the importance of both parties feeling safe, seen, understood, centered, and in choice. Given that most people bring some relational trauma (even if minor) with them into relationship, it is important that both members of the partnership be on board for relationship as an unfolding process.

I'm here to support you in making your relationship a living, breathing work of art. Let me know if you feel ready to bring your relationship up (or down) a notch.  

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