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So glad you're in the process of bringing more of authenticity into the world.  


I believe in your ability to know yourself, be loving to yourself, to live as your essencial self into your day to day moments, activities, and relationships.  

I care about your freedom and your feeling safe in your own skin.  I care about your feeling confident in your relationshis with Yourself, your Body, your partner, your boss, your mother, your father, your child, your neighbor, your friend. 

There is a You in you that is so ready to to sing and dance and melt into more authenticity, yes?  


Many of us, as children, experienced various hurts that developed into restrictive emotional patterns that hinder us consciously and unconsciously.  My role is multi-facited, as I respond to what is needed.  I am here to help you sort out who you are now from what may have happened in the past. I listen deeply and help you settle into yourself. I support you as you move through past trauma.  I provide opportunities to examine missing experiences-- experiences that your being is still seeking in order to move, with confidence and authenticity, into your next stage of developmental.  I assist you in moving from confusion and limiting strategies into clarity, purpose, and self knowing.


Let's get you thriving.  

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